Wednesday, 27 November 2013


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So another whole heap of time has passed since the last update, I've moved to a new city, my baby boy is growing up, Matt Crumbling Ghost has gotten married... it's all go! Which is why Crumbling Ghost have been quiet on the gig front this year. We've all had a lot going on and are now stretched between London, Newcastle and Nottingham. Thankfully we've managed to shoehorn ONE gig into 2013 and that is at our old haunt The Brixton Windmill on Sunday 29th December as part of Matt's 40th birthday celebrations: The MATTATHON! Which consists of all Matt's bands playing in one day. He should probably be taking it easy at his age...

In other news, Crumbling Ghost album 'II' continues to impress critics, most recently Classic Rock Presents PROG, who gave us a glowing review.

However, if you've not picked up your copy yet then why not? While you're at it, grab a T-shirt too! Perfect Christmas gifts for your family!

Friday, 5 July 2013



I'm so bad at updating this thing, but since a burst of activity following Crumbling Ghost's 'The Good Old Way' getting an airing on 6 Music tonight, I thought I should jump in and do an quick update.

Crumbling Ghost's new album is now available through our bandcamp page ahead of its official shop release date of 15th July. You can find the bandcamp page HERE

Koresh's CHUMP ep is also available via Witch Hunter Records who we're doing a joint release with, you can find that HERE

We're hoping to have some Crumbling Ghost shirts done soon with a fantastic design from Michael Cowell. So far it's looking great!

Until next time!

Sunday, 19 May 2013



So it's been a little while (again), but I come bearing good news!

Koresh's 'Chump' EP arrived at WHR towers on Friday. It looks and sounds amazing even if I do say so myself! As it's a joint release with the 'other' (read: better run, more organised and more prolific) WHR (Witch Hunter Records), Chris over there is handling the orders and t-shirt deals. So please make your way to:  to get yourself a copy.

The other big news here at WHR is that the new Crumbling Ghost album 'II' is being pressed! It's been a long time coming but we made it! 'II' will be available in a lavish gatefold digipack including those detailed liner notes you'd expect from the band. Safe to say, we're very excited about it here at WHR.

Official release date (for shops, itunes, amazon etc) is July 15th 2013.

However we'll be doing early bird ordering via band camp around mid/late June so fans can get their CD (and an instant digital download) before everyone else. So sign up to Crumbling Ghost's facebook at or keep checking back here for news on when the early bird orders go out.

In the meantime, here's the cover artwork for Crumbling Ghost 'II'

Thursday, 7 March 2013


Well hello there!

So I thought it was probably time for a little spruce up around here. Paypal purchases are now gone (they were always a pisser to set up) and bandcamp is in!

Pombagira & Dead Existence merch is no longer available through the shop (or via my bandcamp), they have their own shops/bandcamps where you can buy direct from the band (which is always best folks!) so make sure you pop in and check out there stuff via the band page links on the right.

Everything on band camp at the moment is Pay What You Like downloads (with CD's for purchase where available). Upcoming releases may be charged for downloads, but all the old stuff is free! Though feel to throw some pennies our way if you like what you hear.

I've also added a new Among The Missing odds and sods compilation too.

Future Releases:

Crumbling Ghost 'II' - It's finished! At long last the follow up to 2011's debut album is mixed and mastered. The artwork has arrived and is being worked on ready for CD pressing and release dates are being looked at. It should see release in June 2013.

Koresh ' Chump' - Is also finished! The last track that needed tweaking was completed yesterday (thanks John Hannon!), the artwork has arrived and is as demented as you'd expect. Once a small typo is fixed, it's ready to go and will be a joint release between Withered Hand and the 'other' WHR Witch Hunter Records.

The Koresh single/studio out-take piss about 'Samson' is also up on Bandcamp for free download. The video for the track is below

Until Next Time!

Monday, 24 December 2012



The new Koresh album/EP thing whatever you want to call it, is almost upon us. I can confirm it is called 'CHUMP' and recording/mastering is finished, the artwork is with us (by the awesome Luke Drozd who did the Crippledriver artwork) and it's almost ready to be pressed.

To celebrate this, the truly retarded SAMSON is now available for free download AND a (truly terrible) video animated by yours truly is up on youtube.

Samson is a bit like Dio's Holy Diver with King Diamond joining in - only really shit and childish. It won't be on Chump (thank god) but can be downloaded for free (though you can throw us some cash if you really want to) at our new BANDCAMP PAGE!!

As a further celebration, Koresh's debut album 'CRIPPLEDRIVER' is now also available as a pay what you want download. Paying £5.00 gets you the download and a physical copy... so don't be cheap.

CHUMP will be out early 2013 courtesy of a joint effort with our good buddy Chris at Witch Hunter Records.

In other news, Crumbling Ghost edge ever closer to releasing 'Crumbling Ghost II'. A date has been set for mastering and we've been assured that the artwork is underway. More news as I get it!

Thursday, 1 November 2012


Yes, yes I’m slack as balls at updating this thing. Oh well better late than never.

Koresh have stayed (kind of) sober long enough to record a new album! It will be a joint release between the two WHR’s (Withered Hand and Witch Hunter Records). Chris over the ‘other’ WHR has released a quite awesome FREE label sampler which contains an unmixed version of new Koresh track ‘You Can Call Me Ghaal’. The album it’s self is due to be mixed next week and artwork by Luke Drozd is expected back next week – so hopefully the release isn’t too far away!

Crumbling Ghost are expected to release their follow up to 2011’s self titled debut album in March 2013. It’s fully mixed and just waiting to be mastered and for artwork to be finished.

Also, I’ve heard the new Pombagira recording. Hold onto your hats (and your bowels)... it’s different and probably the best thing they’ve done. Not sure who is releasing it or when it’s due to come out. When I find out I’ll update here.

Also, I may be making the move over to bampcamp soon if I can get my shit together! Watch this space.

Tuesday, 13 March 2012


Hello all!

Seeing as we had a massive spike in visitors recently, I thought I better post something so people know we're still here!

That spike might be attributed to Crumbling Ghost having a rather tasty little photo and interview in this months Prog Magazine. For anyone that's interested, I'm the swine with the moustache looking very tall at the back (was actually stood on tiptoes for that, I am a vain bugger I admit it). Get your copy of the album soon as they may actually sell out... then it'll just be digital copies (itunes etc) until we can afford to get more pressed.

Speaking of Crumbling Ghost, the new album is coming along well with the second half due to be recorded in April with a release in the summer. More info as I get it.

Koresh are also hard at work on the follow up to their debut album. Okay, that might not be totally accurate. A better description would be that Koresh have had 'a' practice this year and written 'a' song. But added to the other 6 already written, that makes seven. So that's about 8 minutes. Double that and we have an album!

Dead Existence are going from strength to strength, getting some amazing support slots (including this one) and showing people how it's done.

And rumour has it our old pals Pombagira will be working on a new album soon...

I think that covers everything.

Hugs and Kisses