Tuesday, 13 March 2012


Hello all!

Seeing as we had a massive spike in visitors recently, I thought I better post something so people know we're still here!

That spike might be attributed to Crumbling Ghost having a rather tasty little photo and interview in this months Prog Magazine. For anyone that's interested, I'm the swine with the moustache looking very tall at the back (was actually stood on tiptoes for that, I am a vain bugger I admit it). Get your copy of the album soon as they may actually sell out... then it'll just be digital copies (itunes etc) until we can afford to get more pressed.

Speaking of Crumbling Ghost, the new album is coming along well with the second half due to be recorded in April with a release in the summer. More info as I get it.

Koresh are also hard at work on the follow up to their debut album. Okay, that might not be totally accurate. A better description would be that Koresh have had 'a' practice this year and written 'a' song. But added to the other 6 already written, that makes seven. So that's about 8 minutes. Double that and we have an album!

Dead Existence are going from strength to strength, getting some amazing support slots (including this one) and showing people how it's done.

And rumour has it our old pals Pombagira will be working on a new album soon...

I think that covers everything.

Hugs and Kisses

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