Thursday, 1 November 2012


Yes, yes I’m slack as balls at updating this thing. Oh well better late than never.

Koresh have stayed (kind of) sober long enough to record a new album! It will be a joint release between the two WHR’s (Withered Hand and Witch Hunter Records). Chris over the ‘other’ WHR has released a quite awesome FREE label sampler which contains an unmixed version of new Koresh track ‘You Can Call Me Ghaal’. The album it’s self is due to be mixed next week and artwork by Luke Drozd is expected back next week – so hopefully the release isn’t too far away!

Crumbling Ghost are expected to release their follow up to 2011’s self titled debut album in March 2013. It’s fully mixed and just waiting to be mastered and for artwork to be finished.

Also, I’ve heard the new Pombagira recording. Hold onto your hats (and your bowels)... it’s different and probably the best thing they’ve done. Not sure who is releasing it or when it’s due to come out. When I find out I’ll update here.

Also, I may be making the move over to bampcamp soon if I can get my shit together! Watch this space.

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