Wednesday, 27 November 2013


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So another whole heap of time has passed since the last update, I've moved to a new city, my baby boy is growing up, Matt Crumbling Ghost has gotten married... it's all go! Which is why Crumbling Ghost have been quiet on the gig front this year. We've all had a lot going on and are now stretched between London, Newcastle and Nottingham. Thankfully we've managed to shoehorn ONE gig into 2013 and that is at our old haunt The Brixton Windmill on Sunday 29th December as part of Matt's 40th birthday celebrations: The MATTATHON! Which consists of all Matt's bands playing in one day. He should probably be taking it easy at his age...

In other news, Crumbling Ghost album 'II' continues to impress critics, most recently Classic Rock Presents PROG, who gave us a glowing review.

However, if you've not picked up your copy yet then why not? While you're at it, grab a T-shirt too! Perfect Christmas gifts for your family!

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