Monday, 24 December 2012



The new Koresh album/EP thing whatever you want to call it, is almost upon us. I can confirm it is called 'CHUMP' and recording/mastering is finished, the artwork is with us (by the awesome Luke Drozd who did the Crippledriver artwork) and it's almost ready to be pressed.

To celebrate this, the truly retarded SAMSON is now available for free download AND a (truly terrible) video animated by yours truly is up on youtube.

Samson is a bit like Dio's Holy Diver with King Diamond joining in - only really shit and childish. It won't be on Chump (thank god) but can be downloaded for free (though you can throw us some cash if you really want to) at our new BANDCAMP PAGE!!

As a further celebration, Koresh's debut album 'CRIPPLEDRIVER' is now also available as a pay what you want download. Paying £5.00 gets you the download and a physical copy... so don't be cheap.

CHUMP will be out early 2013 courtesy of a joint effort with our good buddy Chris at Witch Hunter Records.

In other news, Crumbling Ghost edge ever closer to releasing 'Crumbling Ghost II'. A date has been set for mastering and we've been assured that the artwork is underway. More news as I get it!

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