Monday, 19 September 2011

UPDATED!! - WHR010 - Dead Existence


Pre-order is now open... check out the releases page! In the meantime, here are the boys in action:

We at Withered Hand (I say 'we', it's like the Royal 'we' as there is in fact only me), are very proud to welcome Dead Existence into the fold for the release of their new EP 'Born into the Planets Scars'.

It's currently with the pressing plant and should be back in time for their gig with Yob at the Purple Turtle on the 10th October. I'll be putting it up on the site shortly for pre-order. Until then, here's a sneak peak at the artwork...

In other news, a cracking review of the Crumbling Ghost album has appeared HERE. The band are currently working on new material for the next album (half has already been recorded), which should see the light of day at some point next year.

Koresh are also busy gigging and writing for the new album (to be recorded in April 2012). Song titles currently been thrown around are: 'Straight-edge 'till Midnight', 'You Can Call Me Ghaal', & 'Adolf Hipster'. Koresh's next gig is at the Purple Turtle on Sunday 16th October, followed by another (third in three months!) gig at the Purple Turtle on the 27th November.

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