Saturday, 24 April 2010


Decided to make the WHR site into a blog as it should be easier for me to maintain (meaning more updates). It's a bit of a work in progress and might end up going back to the old style, we'll see how it goes.


* Koresh and Crumbling Ghost have both been added to WHR's roster (funny that as I play in both bands). Also a possibility that WHR will be releasing the next Dead Existence album, depends if they get a better offer!

* Koresh have finished work on our debut album. This will be released on WHR later in the year (when we've stopped arguing about art work and album titles). I'll put up a few tracks soon, as we're just waiting for it to be mastered. T-shirts are available, I'll put info up soon.

* Crumbling Ghost have finished recording 5 tracks at Purple Studios in Norwich. A mixture of folk, prog and psychedelia with a slight doom edge. We're hoping to go into a studio in June to record another 4 or 5 tracks, at which point it will be released. I'll put up a link to the first recording session soon (as we now have artwork!)

* Pombagira have completed work on their third album - Baron Citadel. I've heard it and it's really good. Not sure if it will be released through WHR, but whatever happens it's well worth seeking out when it gets released!

* Among The Missing CD prices have been reduced!! ATM CD's are now £5.00 each!

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